“My house was such a mess.  It was out-of-control,  just like my life.  I didn’t know how or where to start to make it better.  DeClutter got me on the right path and gave me the motivation to keep going.”

Keeping your home clean and organized helps improve family safety and wellbeing.  But, sometimes financial, physical or mental health barriers make it hard to maintain the best living conditions.  As a result, you could be in danger of losing your housing or custody of your children.  The DeClutter program can help you feel more in control of your home and your life.

Support and Skills
The DeClutter program:

  • Engages all family members in the process of improving their living conditions.
  • Helps give individuals the confidence to make lasting, positive changes in their lives.
  • Supports parents in developing problem-solving skills, as well as basic self- and home-care skills.
  • Encourages parents to set a positive example for their children, so that children will carry self- and home-care skills into adulthood.

Who We Serve
DeClutter serves residents of Centre County who are referred by Centre County Children and Youth Services or Centre County Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities.

DeClutter is funded by Centre County Children and Youth Services and Centre County Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities. This program is unique to the Youth Service Bureau in that it does not just serve children and families, but also provides assistance to adults within the community who struggle with housing safety.

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Some DeClutter program participants are in need of items to help keep their newly de-cluttered homes organized.  Donations of small household items such as kitchen organizers, filing materials or shelving are greatly appreciated.

Contact Info
325 West Aaron Drive
State College, PA 16803
Phone: (814) 237-5731
Voicemail: (814) 237-2224
Fax: (814) 237-2228