Slay The Dragon

About Slay the Dragon

Slay the dragon is an interscholastic competition about the dangers of drugs and alcohol provided by the Youth Service Bureau. We get many different schools signed up throughout Centre County and they will compete for the grand prize trophy. The schools competing are usually from the State College, Bellefonte, and Bald Eagle areas.

Slay the dragon is essentially a mock game show promoting accurate drug and alcohol information. The object of the game is to slay the dragon on the game show board, made up of a dragon puzzle, which is slowly removed as the board’s category pieces are chosen. The winning group slays the dragon and obtains the most points from correctly answered questions.

The game is meant to provide students, advisors, and parents with correct and accurate information about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. We send out a packet of questions that will be on the board to the teams a few months before the event. The teams then get together once or twice a week after school to study the packets with the help of their team advisors.

The game is played like the TV game show “Jeopardy.” There is a wall board with point values on the left of the board, and subject categories on the top, including street drugs, alcohol prevention, and physical and psychological drug effects. Contestants must answer a qualifying question to get on the board. Sixty seconds is given to answer a question.

The current schools participating this year are:

  • State College Area High School                               Team Advisor: Robert Fox
  • Mount Nittany Middle School                                 Team Advisor: Robert Fox
  • Bellefonte Area High School                                    Team Advisor: Melissa Duckworth
  • Bellefonte Area Middle School                                Team Advisor: Kathy Carra
  • Centre Learning Community Charter School       Team Advisor: Kim Rimmey and Amanda Mason
  • Bald Eagle Area Middle/High School                     Team Advisor: Marilee Close


Slay the Dragon 2018

When: Saturday, February 24th from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm

Where: Nittany Mall – Dunhams Court Area