June 5, 2017-We are proud to announce that our Zerby Gap Boy’s Group Home is PREA compliant.  To learn more, please visit

June 23, 2017-This past spring YSB lost a good friend, Scott Sipple.  For information about a clay shoot in his honor please click here.

April 25, 2017- PSU students working hard at Stormbreak! CDT Article

April 26, 2017-Do you love to bowl?  Join us for Bowl For Kids’ Sake!  To learn more, please visit


2016 Newsletter Correction-We inadvertently cited Erika Isler’s program for women, Unbridled Confidence ( in referring to the program we’ve experienced at Buffalo Run Farm.

Additionally, the program description–

As non-verbal creatures, horses mirror our unconscious messaging clearly and easily and their feedback is offered without judgement or agenda. They are powerful yet gentle catalysts for a wide variety of self-analysis and improvement. This program offers a brilliant way to learn, integrate and apply valuable personal and interpersonal skills.
–describes Erika Isler’s ( Equus coaching program, not the program developed and produced by Buffalo Run Farm. Our sincere apology to Ms. Isler for this mistake and our thanks to her for being so gracious in dealing with it.












11/12/16-Article in Centre Daily Times about Stormbreak renovations

YSB kids featured in Unrivaled