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Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) stems from the early 1970s when survivors of sexual violence came together and began to speak out against the atrocities they suffered. They held rallies and public speak-outs, and as a result created a movement to end sexual violence.  The goal of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is to raise public awareness about sexual violence and educate communities on how to prevent it. This year’s SAAM theme is “We Can Build Safe Online Spaces.”

April was first proclaimed as Child Abuse Prevention Month (CAPM) nationally in 1983. Ever since then, state chapters of Prevent Child Abuse America, as well as other child welfare advocates have also commemorated April as Child Abuse Prevention Month at both the state and local level.

We know that one month alone isn’t enough to solve the serious and widespread issue of sexual violence and child abuse.  However, the attention April generates is an opportunity to energize and expand prevention efforts throughout the year.  It’s a time to celebrate the good things our community does, to raise awareness about these issues, and to let people in our community know about available services.  This Tool Kit is intended for individuals and organizations looking to raise visibility about SAAM and CAPM in Centre County this April.


Children and Youth Services, Children’s Advocacy Center, Youth Service Bureau, the YMCA of Centre County, and Centre Safe are working together to support survivors of child abuse and sexual violence-but we can’t do it alone.

Tuesday, April 5 | 12:00pm | Centre County

Join us April 5th at Noon as we come together as a community to honor and support survivors and recognize those in our community who have made a difference on the Centre County Courthouse Lawn. 

Saturday, April 30 | 1:00pm – 4:00pm | YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day

Families are encouraged to attend the State College YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day on Saturday, April 30th from 1pm-4pm to participate in these various activities. The community is encouraged to join the movement. Be respectful, remember the mission, have fun, and be kind. 

Ongoing Activities

We are asking clients, children, and staff involved with these agencies to paint Kindness ROCKS and CHALK THE WALK.  Here’s how you can help make a difference.

Kindness ROCKS!

Kindness Rocks is a viral trend where people paint rocks with inspirational messages or sayings. Then they leave them in public places for people to find. The intention is to spread kindness and support to survivors in our community.

Throughout the month of April, we will be decorating and hiding rocks around Centre County to raise awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month.

If you find a Kindness Rock, it was meant for you. Take a photo and post it on social media using the hashtag #CentreCountyCares. You can keep it or put it in another safe place for someone else to find.  Help us spread the kindness and the message about how our community supports survivors.

According to Megan Murphy, the founder of the Kindness Rocks Project, “If one person finds a rock with a message that speaks to them during a difficult time, OUR efforts have made a difference.”  Photos of the painted rocks and hints of where to find them will be shared on Facebook.


Chalk the Walk is another way to raise awareness about child abuse and sexual violence and spread joy, optimism and inspiration through the magical power of sidewalk chalk.

Chalk the Walk messages will be chalked in front of each participating organization.

When you are participating in Chalk the Walk please keep in mind to:

  1. Be respectful-consider those who will see your chalked walks.
  2. Remember the mission – our goal is to let survivors of child abuse and sexual violence know that WE ARE HERE FOR THEM. Let’s keep the message strong and consistent!
  3. Have fun, share your chalk using the hashtag #CentreCountyCares, and be kind.

Suggested Messages

Be Kind

Prevention is Possible


TOGETHER we can STOP abuse before it happens

Let’s Be the Change

Throw Kindness Around like Glitter

Every Child Safe

Believe in YOURSELF

Every Person Safe

Your Body is YOUR OWN

Protect our Kids


Protect our Children

Have Courage!

Come Together

Not ONE more

Stand up for Kids

Protection is Possible

Stand up for Children

Educate Adults

Every Child Matters

Prevention is Key

STOP the abuse

YOU can make a difference

Break the Silence

Hands are for Holding, not Hurting

STOP Child Abuse

Be a Child’s Sunshine



I ASK                                        .

Everyone deserves to be safe

To Connect with 24 Hour Hotline Services

To report suspected child abuse contact PA Childline
OR call the 24/7 Childline number 1-800-932-0313
Whether you are experiencing a harmful situation yourself,
are struggling with past abuse, or are a concerned loved one,
contact Centre Safe.

To access the Youth Service Bureau’s emergency shelter call 814-234-2100

To Learn More About Recognizing Child Abuse

Become a mandated reporter by taking one of the following trainings



To learn how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse attend an upcoming Stewards of Children Training: https://www.ymcaofcentrecounty.org/programs/social-responsibility/stewards-of-children/

In-Person Training: Wednesday, April 6 | 12:00-2:00pm | YSB Main Office (325 W Aaron Drive, State College 16801)

Zoom Training: Thursday, April 21