supportive independent living program

4“Living on my own was scary and harder than I expected.
I wasn’t good at managing my money and didn’t know how much to save for bills.  YSB helped me figure things out and gave me more confidence.”

YSB’s Supportive Independent Living Program helps youth ages 16 – 21 to develop the independent living skills they will need to make the transition to self sufficiency.  The program provides a nurturing, supportive and challenging environment where youth and young adults are assisted in developing a strong sense of responsibility to themselves and the community. Youth can be served in their own homes, group homes, or in YSB apartments. (Apartments are for those who are 17 and older)

Life Skills Workshops
Youth ages 16-21 can participate in weekly Life Skills Workshops that focus on life skills, community resources and education, budgeting, job skills and attainment.

Living Options
When a young adult aged 16 – 21 needs a place to live, Supportive Independent Living helps by providing two options.

  • Transition Period at our boy’s & girl’s group homes:  Our boy’s and girl’s group homes offer a structured environment that can act as a launching path who may not be quite ready for independent living.  Focused on supporting youth in transition to gain the necessary skills needed to live on their own we create individualized plans to help youth achieve their goals.  We do not utilize level or point systems.  Instead, individual successes create a path to independence.
  • Apartment Program.  In addition to transitioning to a group home, youth adults who have tried living on their own may need additional assistance.  YSB can provide living assistance in shared apartments for up to 18 months for youth ages 17-21.  This service can be accessed through county SIL funds or our federal homeless assistance grant.

Supportive Independent Living Advantages
Youth and young adults who participate in the program also benefit from:

  • Assistance with education (high school/GED or higher education)
  • Obtaining and maintaining employment
  • Guidance in learning to save money and budget funds
  • Support in working toward personal goals for well-being, safety, individual success and character development

Who We Serve
Youth and young adults ages 16 – 21.

How to Apply
Youths and young adults can refer themselves to our program. Or, they can receive assistance from a case worker. An application must be filled out and an interview will be scheduled. Click here for an application.

Click here for information about intern, volunteer and employment opportunities

Contact Info
Supportive Independent Living Program
334 S. Burrowes Street
State College, PA 16801
Phone: (814) 234-2632
Fax: (814) 234-0831